Safari Overview

African Footprint Safaris understand that traveling to Africa may seem a little intimidating and for this reason African Footprint Safaris design the complete Safari package from start to finish. Traveling to Africa is a rare and precious opportunity for you to enjoy stress-free so that you leave Africa with the memories and photographs that you hoped for.

African Footprint Safaris

Safari Transfers

On an African Footprint Safari you will be welcomed and assisted at the airport, gently transferred from one Safari location to another by plane, boat or car. You will be guided and accommodated in each separate Safari location, helped with all cultural interactions along the way and waved goodbye from the international airport, after making sure that you and your luggage (filled with African curios) are safely aboard.

African Footprint Safaris

Safari Accommodation

From sleeping in an African tree house, a canvas tent on the African plains, in a plush star-bed under the African skies through to a thatched African lodge alongside a river - African Footprint Safaris has all accommodation types specific to your travel needs.

African Footprint Safaris

Safari Cuisine

African Footprint Safaris provides you with a fully included culinary experience thrououghout your Safari, taking detailed care of all your dietary requirements and wishes with class, elegance and African style.