"A truly unforgettable experience"

Warren at African Footprints Safaris has now planned two separate trips to Africa for us.  Since he was born in South Africa and spent most of his life in various wilderness areas, he brings a truly unique perspective to any African adventure.  His focus is always on the guest - ensuring they have the experience they're looking for and leave with the memories for which they had hoped.  He invests a significant amount of time getting to know you - what you enjoy, how you travel, and specific things you would like to see and experience.  He combines this with his intimate local knowledge and unparalleled passion for the African wilderness to recommend additional activities that creates a truly unforgettable experience.  Traveling to Africa is an incredibly precious opportunity and one that should be placed in the hands of a true expert - that's why I've chosen Warren in the past and will work with him to plan our future adventures, too."

 —Mark & Lindsay

"The African safari experience I was looking for."

I am no stranger to travel, but organizing a safari overseas was a bit intimidating to me. There were so many companies that showed up on internet searches, and it was difficult to determine what companies were legitimate and trustworthy, who would give me the best deal for what I wanted, and ultimately--what to expect. I wanted to experience the African culture, but I also wanted to experience it within my comfort level. I wasn’t sure where to start. This is where Warren Baty shone! Working with Warren eliminated any stress, worry, and financial concerns that I had. He is extremely honest and was able to organize a trip that was unforgettable, yet also affordable. His knowledge of the culture definitely shows, and his connection with companies across many African countries was extremely helpful in organizing an amazing trip for me. Having this 'inside connection' definitely eased any concerns that I had, and ultimately gave me the African safari experience I was looking for."

— Robyn

“We knew we were in excellent hands

We had the absolute trip of a lifetime when Warren organized our African safaris!  We knew we were in excellent hands when we met with him in preparation for the trip-- this guy knows what he is talking about, because he has a lifetime of hands-on experience in this area.  He was also incredibly passionate about the region, and educated us immensely before our departure.  He helped us decide what areas would best give us the experience we were looking for.  While we were there we never worried-- just relaxed, learned, and took in the beauty of the African wilderness!  We definitely plan to book an African safari through Warren again in the future.

— Kristen & Phil

"Perfect marriage of authentic culture, adventurous exploring and utter relaxation"

It may not be the recommended way to start traveling, but I elected to visit Africa on my first trip abroad.  This decision could have gone very poorly, but in my case I traveled using the experience and guidance of Warren Baty every step of the way.  My trip was a perfect marriage of authentic culture, adventurous exploring and utter relaxation.  The level of detail Warren put into each day and hour I spent in Africa still amazes me this day.  It was important to me that I was able to see as much truth of Africa as I could and Warren made that possible with his selection of day trips and lodging.  I would recommend working with Warren to anyone and can’t wait to revisit under his guidance.

— Julia

"The most wonderful holiday we had ever had”

Thank-you so much for organizing our safari to Botswana, it was the perfect trip and everything went according to plan.  We were met at the airport, taken swiftly through customs and taken to our small plane which flew us to our camp in the Okavango Delta - it is called a camp but it is better than that in a 5 star hotel...  How we were spoiled...  What an experience!!!  My favorite activity was the afternoon game drives, first you view the daytime animals and at sunset we stopped and watched the red sun disappearing in the stunning blue sky - with a gin and tonic.  The game drive continued into the night and then slowly the nocturnal animals appeared.  It is an amazing feeling to be out in the African bush at night under thousands of stars.  Warren your arrangements were first class, the camps you selected were outstanding.  I know that you selected them to suit our personal taste.  It was the perfect holiday, so special and the most wonderful holiday we had ever had.  I will definitely choose you to plan our next African Safari.

— Gail & Justine

“Breakfast in the middle of a lion pride.”

Thank you for an awesome African adventure Warren!  Our safari to the Serengeti, Tarangire National Park and Ngorongoro Crater was amazing!  Every detail was planned out, no language concerns.  Had breakfast in the middle of a lion pride, saw cheetahs hunting, elephants, rhinos, hippos, leopards, buffalo, giraffe...  Our guide spoke excellent English, was waiting at the airport for us and took great care of us.  The adventure exceeded our expectations.

— Dan & Chris

The best experience of my life.”

I decided to go on an African safari with some old college friends and a brother of mine.  We did a safari though Warren and honestly, it was the best experience of my life.  At the airport and were greeted by friendly staff that Warren had set up to meet with us and that day we were taken directly to the all-inclusive “camp” that took care of our every need that included lavish accommodations and very appetizing meals.  The “camps” we stayed in were amazing but the best part of our safari was the all of the different animals we got to see.  We had our own personal driver guide and vehicle for our group each day that helped us make the most out of our experience.  Warren did a great job personalizing my safari experience more than I could have ever imagined.  I will be going through Warren on every Safari in my future!

— Paul

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