Why, Where and How?

“One cannot resist the lure of Africa.” Rudyard Kipling.

The deep, dark continent of Africa is daunting in so many ways to the average holidaymaker, but there is something profoundly alluring and intriguing about the African Savannah, the people and especially the wildlife, that make the idea of an Africa Safari vacation fascinating and exciting.

After simply understanding the desire to travel to Africa, the average traveler loses interest because of the massive about of additional variables associated with traveling to Africa. These variables range from which particular country in Africa to visit through to what experiences, wildlife sighting, cultural interactions, adventures to be had within each specific country, and when should you travel to get the best out of your holiday.

In truth, an African Safari is very specific and unique to each individual African explorer, and what you want out of your specific Safari depends enormously on your personal tastes, feelings, ideas and thoughts.  Traveling to Africa is a rare and precious opportunity that needs to be designed by someone that understands the experiences you crave, in order for you to leave Africa with the memories and photographs that you hoped for.

I, Warren at African Footprint Safaris am an Africa journey specialist now based in Seattle, WA, USA. I was born in Africa, have worked in the Safari industry for years and have intimate local knowledge, experience and a passion for Africa, its wildlife and its people. African Footprint Safaris can create your personalized African Safari vacation specific to your needs, wants and budget.