Photographic Safaris

“love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art” Ralph Waldo Emerson

African Footprint Safaris has a deep love for wildlife and capturing amazing wildlife sightings on film, making the memories even more special.  We also understand that capturing a special and unique wildlife moment is an art. To avoid disappointment, this art can be taught to a budding wildlife photographer while on an African Footprint safari.

Close friend, Isbjorn Viot is a French born conservationist, naturalist, wildlife photographer and the African Footprint Safaris photographic partner.  Isbjorn found his hidden passion for Africa at a very young age while living and schooling in Namibia. This young thirst for Africa’s natural wonders has led him to hold an unconditional attraction for the African wilderness.

Isbjorn has been fortunate enough to work with his wife, Charlotte in remote yet iconic African wilderness areas from Congo to the Serengeti. Through photography, Isbjorn aims to be an ambassador of ‘Natural Elegance’, always wanting to share the wonders of our planet.  Photography allows Isbjorn the perfect media to capture those special encounters and moments that make life so beautiful. Inspired by Ikebana, Japanese floral art, Isbjorn ‘s artistic approach is to search for a moment of African elegance through minimalism.

African Footprint Safaris are proud to have Isbjorn Viot as our photographic partner. We know that he will add great value to any photographic Safari as a beginner or as an expert.